Friday, 3 August 2012

What happened in vegas....

Did you win? 
It's the first question you primarily get after returning from a vegas vacation. Not how was it? see any shows? go to a club? People always want to know if you won.
Thing is, odds are you didn't. And If it was close, odds are you have no idea. Unless you hit the big one, or lose your shirt, you don't really keep a running diary of your gambling activities.
For the record, on this trip I have no clue. I brought down 1200, I returned with 800. I had a bizarre moment in the Flamingo, after a night of countless miller lites at toby keiths, where I sat down at a table with 100, was given 200 in chips, and walked away with 250.
All in all the falmingo was great to me this trip. We had the blackjack tables on a roll. The dealers were friendly, the pit boss was joking around, the cocktail waitress was refilling our orders before we had to ask, and the table was playing as a team. The flamingo saved my trip.
On the contrary, I hit the mirage one afternoon, the dealer was miserable, he really looked like Gil from the simpsons, I was afraid to complain about his incompetance when he mistakenly hit me on a 17 vs a 5, because I didnt want to get the poor guy fired.
The pit boss was some old battleaxe who wouldnt recognize my points card, and the cocktail waitress hung around demanding her dollar tip. And if you don't know the role that "good vibes" plays in gambling, then you haven't been to vegas.
But overall the theme of this trip was "we're getting old."
Sure, we put up a good fight. Night one our flight was delayed an hour, but we shattered the over/under of 20.5 drinks for the 3 of us, even though we didnt start til 1 am vegas time.
But by the first morning it was clear this would be a different trip. We got up after a 5 hour sleep in search of food, and more importantly water, when Forbes said "I could go for a nice parfait right now..... you know, yogurt and berries."
A parfuckingfait. Thats what its come to? Healthy vacation eating? This was topped only by Sunday night when we hit the wall and crashed at midnight.
The conclusion is I can't handle vegas like I used to, it doesn't mean I'll stop going, just that I'll have to learn to pace myself a bit more. Spend an afternoon lounging by the pool. Go check out the mall. Not say "miller lite!" every time a cocktail waitress is in earshot.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

here we go

It's departure day. We've checked in and are counting down the ours tile the flight. Second only to that first e-mail that simply says Vegas? There is no better e-mail than the one from the airline saying you can check in.
If you've been to vegas, you'd understand.
No other destination offers the same experience. In past posts I've talked about the flight experience. But even in the leadup, people around you get excited. At work I mentioned that I'd be gone the next 2 days, someone said where are you headed, I said vegas. And All of the sudden people were chirping up from 3 rows of cubicles over. I've only seen better reactions when someone says free food.
I'f you've been to vegas, you'd understand.
But some people don't get it. More than one occassion a friend has said something along the lines of "Vegas again?" Or "you sure go there alot" And my immediate reaction is, noone that's been to vegas would say that.

But, as I am getting old, I have to look at every one of these trips as if they may be my last. Our crew for this one is down to 3.5 people.  There will be many toasts to those we left behind.

Over under for friday night drinks has been set at 20.5 for the 3 of us. But as Ry pointed out, "Over... we may not sleep". Its true, I figured hotel by 11, up til 2 or 3, which with the diff makes it 6 am toronto time. But in vegas you wake up sometimes not knowing what time it is. That fumble in the morning for some kinda clock, where in the haze you think how late is it? Is it past noon? is it Tuesday? Do I still have my wallet? Only to realize it is 8 am, you got 4 hours of sleep, and are ready to drink a coffee while betting some early morning horses.

however, in vegas you don't really just drink a coffee. Because when the cocktail waitress comes around, you think, its too early for a beer, give me a double jack and coke. And it all begins again.

A couple trips ago, we stopped off in a bar on the strip to cool down with a beer on the stip side patio. Every 30 mins or so, they'd spin a wheel to see what the drink specials were. Bucket of coronas for 10 bucks, 2 dollar jack, etc. We were there for 6 spins. After at least 3 hours of drinking, the bill for 4 of us came out to a total of 26 dollars. If you've been to vegas you'd understand